Hindu Teacher Brings J’lem Mantra of Compassion

Morari Bapu, a Hindu preacher from India, wrapped up a nine-day visit to Jerusalem on Wednesday, during which he taught his central mantra of truth, love and compassion to the hundreds of his followers who traveled to Israel to hear him.

A hugely popular leader in his native India as well as in the Indian diaspora, Bapu conducted a series of daily discourses, or Katha, in Zedekiah’s Cave under the Old City of Jerusalem, for the 400 devotees who came from around the world to listen to his message.

Perched cross-legged atop an exposed rock in a large cavern deep inside the cave, Bapu exhorted his followers, as well as mankind in general, to overcome the doctrinal differences of religion and embrace the love of God shared by all faiths.

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