Herzl, Chaplin and Dietrich / Jewish Memorabilia to be Auctioned in Jerusalem

A small notebook, leather bound, prepared for the participants in a students’ ball in Vienna in 1883 is one of more than 600 historical Jewish memorabilia that will be auctioned on Thursday in Jerusalem.

The names of different dances were printed in the notebook. On a line under each dance name, the student signed his name when he danced with the notebook owner. The owner of this particular notebook danced the quadrille – a 17th century dance for four pairs – with Theodore Herzl, who signed his full name under the dance’s name and added a few words in pencil.

“In German-speaking countries there was a tradition that the notebook owner documented the dances, and the gentlemen who danced with her signed his name. If he was interested in staying in touch, he would add a few words, and that’s what happened in Herzl’s case. He was probably interested,” says Meron Eren, co-owner of Kedem Auctions, who is in charge of Jewish and Israeli history and culture auctions.

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