Hasidic boy’s coat inspired Kate Middleton’s clothes

An anonymous Hasidic teen was the inspiration behind Kate Middleton’s wardrobe, news media reported recently, revealing that the coat most famously worn by the UK’s queen-to-be was modeled after a jacket sewn for a religious boy from Jerusalem.

The designer behind Middleton’s favorite label, Katherine Hooker, has become the darling of the fashion world practically overnight – and it all began with a fortuitous visit to Israel over a decade ago. Hooker told New York Magazine last month that her successful label was inspired by an item she picked up at a second hand store.

“I bought a young boy’s Hasidic coat in a junk shop,” she said. “And it was an old one, like when clothes used to be made for people as opposed to mass market. I was 18 and tiny and skinny, and it fit me absolutely perfectly; it was made for a 14-year-old boy or something.”

According the report, Hooker loved the coat so much she found a tailor in India who agreed to replicate it for her. The jacket grew popular among her friends, and after making several more duplicates she opened her own shop in London, in 2004.

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