CAY Marks 2 Years, Permanent Location, New Torah

On the first day of Chanukah Chevra Ahavas Yisroel held a benefit dinner marking two years to the founding of the Shul and their new permanent location. The dinner was preceded by a Siyum and Hachnosas Sefer Torah to the Shul.

The festivities began on the first light of Chanukah, Sunday afternoon, with the Sidof family completing the writing a new Sefer Torah in memory of their mother Simcha bas Shlomo.

The writing took place in CAY’s new building located at 306 Albany Avenue, which will be the Shuls future permanent home. Once completed a procession formed and was led by a ‘float’ with live music accompanied by throngs of dancing of people participating in the great Simcha.

The procession made its way to the Maple Street Shul, which is where CAY currently resides and where the dinner took place.


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