10 Sifrei Torah Burn in Netanya

A fire that started in the Shifat Revivim synagogue near the Chabad neighborhood in Netanya, Israel Monday night incinerated 10 Sifrei Torah, some of them critically. There were no human casualties.

Naftali David, head of the Hatzolah organization in the Sharon valley told the website that “the firefighting teams that reached the holy ark rescued the scrolls, but 7 of them had been consumed entirely. Three more scrolls were very badly damaged. It was painful to watch.”

Many holy books were burned as well in the synagogue before firefighters managed to put out the flames.

A witness told Shturem.net that the fire department, which is located mere minutes from the scene, took almost a half hour to arrive after being summoned.

Shturem reports that the suspected arsonist has been apprehended. He is also a prime suspect in the burning of a nearby synagogue two days earlier.

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