Haredi Kids’ Paper Shuns Israeli Flag

On the eve of Independence Day, the Israeli flag seemed to adorn virtually every home and car across the country; but it was hardly mentioned in an article published that day in an ultra-Orthodox children’s paper, which featured a thorough review of the flags of the world.

Last week’s edition of the paper, Haverim (“Friends”), which accompanies the haredi weekly Bakehila (In the Community), included a feature focusing on the appearance, history and traditional use of flags from across the globe. The edge of the Israeli flag is shown on the article’s first page, buried in a pile of banners from dozens of countries.

The feature explained that the 13 stripes on the American flag represent the original 13 colonies that settled the country and eventually declared independence from Britain, and that the stars represents the number of states in the union. The green background of the Brazilian flag, the author wrote, represents the rain forests; the gold represents the the South American country’s precious metal and the 27 stars represent its number of states.

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