Chabad of North Brooklyn Forges Community Ties

On Sunday, February 26, an eclectic mix of 150 guests, among them artists, young professionals and black-hat Hasidic Jews gathered in a Williamsburg art gallery to celebrate the growth and expansion of Chabad of North Brooklyn. As kosher bruschetta made the rounds, the urban crowd admired contemporary art hanging from the white-washed walls as well as joyful photographs of young preschool students who attend the popular Gan Chabad.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn has hosted a tight-knit Hasidic community since the early 20th Century but the influx of an indie rock, hipster and local art demographic in the last decade left secular Jews with no place to call their own. Aside for their penchant for wearing the color black, the varied Jews of North Brooklyn had little in common until Chabad arrived on the scene. Not many could imagine the modern reality Sunday night of a Rabbi, black hat, beard and all, sipping cocktails with a young hipster parent while discussing a curious passage of Kabballah.


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