Hangover 2 Trades Mel Gibson for Liam Neeson

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After Mel Gibson made “The Passion of the Christ” movie a few years ago, he lost many of his Jewish fans.

After Mel Gibson made his anti-Semitic sentiments known by freaking out at a cop a few years ago, he lost the rest of his Jewish fans.

So, this summer when his wife Oksana Grigorieva (who has a Jewish father according to some reports) made his sexist and racist rants public, most Jewish people had already come to the conclusion that Mel’s nuts. Even if he is anti-Semitic and might even share some of his father’s notorious Holocaust denial views, “Meshugana Mel” had become more of a punchline in the Jewish community than an ADL-level concern.

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  • Mike


    I don’ t understand why you say that he is anti semitic !?? It is because he presented his version of the life Christ ?

    Nobody can thing that it was jewish community who killed him without they call them anti semitic !?

    What aout free expression ? Like me, personnaly, I am against tha war against Palestinian, am I anti semitic too ?

    Please, stop to be victim, stop to call others thinking anti semitic !!!

    I think your all reaction about M Gibson and his films make your community less credible, we cannot speak with you without you call us anti semitic !!!!!!

    I would like to continue discussing with you, but I think for you, I am an antisemitic !!! so….

    If you know what is free expression, do not delete this com, but like your article, I am sur you will delete it,

    no problem ! Just think about what i am saying one minute, and you will understand that close discussing is going to make people angry about your communauty

    If you want we can speak about sionism and the war of the jewish army !!!???

    Oh yes..I know, they are victim of course, the agrssors are of course the pacific people who welcome jewish people after WW II and who jewish community have stolen their Country, killed then since 60 years,

    …of course, I understand !!

  • Mike

    every one whgo critic jewish (crimes) is called by you anti semitic !!!!
    I am not and I am against all jewish crime !! killing civilian is terorism, especially by army, and by “country” that seems to be “democratie” !!!

    One day, one day will come the D day like at WW II, the same wich delivering you from nazi camp,
    but this time, this D day will be the delivrance of Palestinian people, and the annihilation of the criminals, like the third reich !!

    That is the futur of this criminal state !! One day, nearly or later, Justice will be back !

    Sincerly from an pacific world citizen, no racist, no anti semitic or else, I am a democratic man and all what did this criminal state is all but not democratic !!!!

    Killing & burning alive civilian & childrens, punished population for the resistance of few of them, is totaly CRIMINAL !!!!!

    SS did the sames thing in France occuped or Europe, they killed hostage cause resistant made their honor alive

    Remember, one day, one it comes, and maybe you & I will be dead, maybe, but one day the country jewish community had stolen will be back to their owner

    now arabic & islamic world is under dictatures etc, but now the internationnal resistance has begun, even it during 100 years, Justice will win !

    So enjoy to delete this message, but now you know what the world thinks about Crimes !!

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