Madoff and his Jewish Friends Merkin, Chais, Levy, Shapiro and Picower

Yes, as we have said from day one of the scandal, Bernie Madoff is a Jew. Using the opportunity afforded her by the release of a new book by a New York Times reporter (Diana Henriques, “The Wizard of Lies: Bernie Madoff and the Death of Trust”), Jane Eisner of The Forward now reminds us that Madoff’s biggest investors and funnels were also Jews (“The Jewish Roots of Madoff’s Crime: A Quartet of Investors Bestowed His Credibility”).

She invokes the names of the best known members of the mob, Merkin, Chais, Levy, Shapiro and Picower (somehow she forgets to mention the European funnel, Sonja Kohn). Yes they are all Jews.

We do subscribe to the “better we should condemn them” theory, and have been vocal about their misdeeds in this blog.


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