Godfather, the Hadrei Haredim version

In my line of work, I’ve learned that getting disappointed by people you trust is a matter of routine. And still, after the ugly explosion of the Hadrei Haredim extortion affair, I couldn’t help but feel deep sadness. The case, as complex and extensive as may be – is nothing more than a representation of an oh-so-familiar pattern.

Haredi newspapers and radio stations tend to turn a blind eye or refrain from publishing negative stories relating to high profile figures in the sector. Fat advertising budgets, arranged positions and personal or business interests prosper in these places, often on the expense of less important principles such as, for example, “the public’s right to know.”

The Hadrei Haredim portal pretended to be above all this. In 2007 – after a decade of operating as a live and kicking forum that floated above the murky, secretive swamp that is also known as the “haredi press” – the news site was established, claiming to put an end to this gossip industry.

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