Giant Paper Flowers For Your Fall Table

Guess what? You’re in luck, I do think that giant paper flowers made in cremes and neutral tones look great right about now. Imagine a little candle light, some glitter, a little something rustic, like maybe some burlap or a table runner made out of pieces of aged wood, and you’ve got yourself a really unique look that while not using the traditional fall colors, will certainly be gorgeous and transition well into the December holiday season! Phew. Got it?

And come December, so you could add a little gilded or glittered edge to your flowers. Okay you’re right. You want to see my version first and then you’ll decide. Gotcha. I’m gonna try it! Of course I understand if you do love browns and oranges and just really feel out of sorts without them, so if that’s the case use those colors for the flower centers, attach the centers very lightly, and to keep on enjoying those flowers in December and January and on, so swap the center for something that feels right for winter.


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