Gangnam Style is More Than a Horse Dance

‘GANGNAM STYLE’ HAS BEEN all the rage for quite some time now and deservedly so. It’s got a great beat, a Korean singer whose nickname is short for psycho, and a ridiculous dance. It shows you how far our society has evolved since the Macarena that we all clumsily danced to some 17 years ago. But in the area where the song truly excels, it has fallen on deaf ears.

Gangnam style” is a satire not only about this ritzy neighborhood in Korea that according to PSY is very fancy and professional during the day, but has crazy parties at night, but about every neighborhood and community in which people are wholly enveloped in the pursuit of wealth. PSY reminds us all that life is meaningless when our thoughts, aspirations, and actions are centered on money. The song also laments the fact that even when we are fortunate enough to attain financial stability and flexibility, all too often, we do not know what to do with our wealth and end up spending it frivolously, without thinking or prioritizing. The music video does a great job of capturing the emptiness of it all, along with the other quirkiness and craziness. (For a great explanation of the song, check out the blog, ‘My Dear Korea.’) Apparently, Korean’s spend more money on a latte at Starbucks than on a meal. Yikes.


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