Dvar Torah Vayechi: Jacob Immortal

The start of a new year is a time for resolutions not because there’s anything intrinsic about January 1st that begets rejuvenation, but because there’s an artificial freshness that accompanies the annual changing of the calendar year — as such, I’ve noticed that I’ve lately spun off course and am taking this opportunity to redirect my efforts.

Although Heshy gives me no instruction and makes no demands, my self-imposed guideline is to assist in widening people’s understanding and allow for greater expansiveness in people’s acceptance — to people who feel like the must reject Judaism, either in part or in whole, because of the many things they have come to see as silly or untenable as they mature as observers of the universe, I say to them: perhaps you mustn’t necessarily accept Judaism as it was given to you in 3rd grade.

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