Giant Menorah Destroyed On Long Island By Vandals

The hunt is on for the vandals who destroyed a menorah on Long Island. Police are now investigating what could be a possible hate crime.

Burton Radish said he could believe what found on his front lawn on Tuesday morning.

“There I saw it on the curb, smashed to smithereens,” Radish told CBS 2’s Cat Andersen.

Radish was referring to what was left of a menorah that stood approximately 5 feet tall and 5 feet wide.

“I said ‘my God, who would do this?’ What kind of person would walk up on my lawn, pick the thing up, disconnect the cord, take it out to the curb and smash it down? Why? What would be behind it?” Radish said.

It’s a stinging pain he’s feeling.

“It had a lot of meaning. It was a gift for my wife who just passed away,” Radish said.


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