Gabby Giffords puts on brave face in first extended interview since Tucson shooting

Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords — speaking haltingly in brief sentences — said in her first extended interview Monday night that she was doing “pretty good.”

“A lot of people died — tough, tough, tough,” she said in the interview on ABC’s “20/20” about the shooting rampage in January that killed six people.

It wasn’t clear how fully recovered Giffords is 10 months after the shooting from the interview. She gave clipped, often one-word, answers.

Giffords, whose once shaved head is now covered with short brown hair, called her husband, former astronaut Mark Kelly, “brave, brave, brave” as she kissed his bald head during the interview.

Kelly replied to his wife that the word “brave” was how he would describe her — “brave and tough,” he said.


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