The Palestinian Family that Inspired Jewish Debate

Israel is a European colonialist entity and is destined to disappear, said the Palestinian family that was a major inspiration for American journalist Peter Beinart to write his controversial book The Crisis of Zionism.

In an interview at their family home in downtown Hebron on Saturday, the Jaber family said they had no idea that a video of their son Khaled Jaber was a key inspiration for a book, let alone one that has become a focal point in the discourse on the relationship between Israeli and American Jewish communities. They also did not know that Khaled and his father are mentioned by name on the first page of the book’s introduction.

When asked about the two-state solution, Falastin Jaber, Khaled’s mother, said, “We need all [of] Palestine,” and referred to Israel as part of a “European colonial imprint” on the Middle East. She compared the Jewish state to the French colony in Algeria and the Italian colony in Libya, and said that, like those colonies, Israel too would disappear someday.


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