Ateret Cohanim Hosts Lone Soldiers in Jerusalem, Media Condemns

A group of 90 lone soldiers, who arrived at the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem for their swearing-in ceremony last week, was hosted by the Ateret Cohanim organization.

Ateret Cohanim is an organization which works to strengthen Jewish roots in and around the Old City, and wished to salute these lone soldiers and try to be their “home away from home” when they are in Jerusalem.

In many or most cases, lone soldiers don’t have the family network or support system that Israeli boys have in Israel. As such, the army itself, the Friends of the IDF and organizations like Ateret Cohanim try to help these lone soldiers in whatever way possible.

For the past few months, as various IDF groups finished off their basic training and came to the Kotel for their swearing in ceremony, Ateret Cohanim simply took on the role of being the lone soldiers’ “Jerusalem parents.”


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