French Poll: 40% Say Jews Too Powerful in Business

More than 40% of France’s population believe that Jews have “too much power in the business world,” according to a survey on anti-Semitism in France conducted by the World Zionist Organization ahead of the International Day for Countering Anti-Semitism, which will be marked on January 27.

The poll also shows that 47% think French Jews are “more loyal to Israel than to the country they live in” and that 19% of young men up to the age of 24 have negative sentiments towards the Jews of France, while 43% of people with higher education expressed positive feelings towards them.

The survey further reveals that 54% of France’s residents, mainly academics with a high income, believe that acts of violence stem mainly from anti-Jewish sentiments rather than from an anti-Israel stance.

According to Yaakov Haguel, head of the WZO’s Department for Countering Anti-Semitism, “There has recently been a sharp rise by dozens of percentage points in anti-Semitic expressions and incidents in France.


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