Facebook Doesn’t Have “Shidduch Requests” for a Reason

“Hi there”

Shalom — notice how this is the first conversation I have ever had with this person on Facebook, and mind you, the last time I saw this person panim el panim was probably 6 years ago, and I think that conversation consisted of various ‘hello’ synonyms.

“Just putting out the word that we are looking for a shidduch for our daughter…”

Who I don’t know at all

“…in case you know of anyone up to 25-26 years old”

You want to know if I know anyone at all up to 26 year old?

“Double major in ——– and ——— at Brooklyn College…but she’s very frum, though…”

Do you indicate this because the average double major in Brooklyn College is generally not frum, and you want to exclude her from this group?

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