5 Years Ago I Was an Atheist, Then I Was Brainwashed by Chabad!

A few weeks ago there was an article on a chabad website titled 5 Years Ago I was An Atheist and it ticked a whole slew of people off. Now being the pot stirrer that I am, I read through the article and tried desperately to figure out why so many people were banging down my door and filling my inbox with “dude you need to say something about this” requests which typically happens whenever something ticks off a large portion of the disenfranchised frum community that seems to spend a lot of time on this blog. I’ve read and re-read the article multiple times and still, I’m not pissed off about it.

So I’ve decided to reprint it here and pretend I was off the derech, disenfranchised, atheist, anti-chabad or someone who is likely to be offended by another college kid who had a beautiful shabbos experience and decided to throw away her life for the falsehoods of chabad and orthodox Judaism.

Five years ago, Rucheli Berry (nee Manville) was a staunch atheist. Find out how she became a proud Jewish Frum, Lubavitch woman.

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