Words and statements that make you sound frummer than you are

I was at work a few weeks ago and I noticed one of my friends eating so I went to say hi, he had with him a possible employee for the community kollel here and I guess he was showing him around. I’m not sure exactly what would sell a really frum person on living in the Bay Area, I’m pretty sure the million dollar 3 bedroom homes, $20,000 day school tuition and 1 decent kosher restaurant are not exactly selling points, but alas everyone who visits the Bay must eat at the Kitchen Table and here was this guy showing a potential employee what we have to offer.

I played a small game of Jewish Geography and the way he said “I’ve been in eretz yisroel for the last 9 years” struck me as too frum. Why it struck me as too frum is too hard to explain, but someone who speaks like that doesn’t exactly seem to me like the type of guy who’s going to give classes to reform lesbians about the halachic basis to use marijuana for besamin at havdalah.

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