Eating Jewish: Not your Bubbe’s Compote

You’re probably thinking that prunes don’t belong in the same sentence as dessert, let alone anywhere near the sweet finish of a meal. I completely understand, because I felt the same way before I tried this new twist on the traditional compote. But let me tell you, this dessert will rock your world (or maybe your tastebuds?!) and change the way you think about prunes forever.

This recipe has garnered nothing but praise from foodies. I read about this dish long before I tried it, and on my last trip to New York I got to eat at the absolutely amazing Italian restaurant Frankies Spuntino where this dessert was created. After eating an unforgettable meal in their cozy, dimly lit dinning room, I ordered these prunes completely unprepared for how sublime this dish would be. Hot, soft, plump prunes are covered with a thick fruity wine reduction and infused with a subtle spiciness. The smooth, rich mascarpone is the perfect accompaniment.


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