Red Lentil Soup

Yes, you’re right, red lentils aren’t really red, they’re orange! But that just makes things all the more interesting when discovering a new food! Red lentils are found widely in Indian and middle eastern cuisine, and until last night’s dinner I’d never really cooked them. And boy have I been missing something! Red lentils make a wonderfully tasty and thick soup that’s high in protein and is a meal in itself. And apparently they are often added to soups and stews as a thickener.

Okay, I’ll admit only two out of three young children enjoyed my s0up, but that’s just because honestly it really doesn’t look so great, kind of like split pea soup, only a different color. Serve it with some homemade whole wheat croutons, some tasty black olives, and  a huge salad (with some feta cheese thrown in, yumm!), and you’ve got yourself a great meal, especially now that it’s soup weather!


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