Don’t Sell Eggs to Teens on Halloween

The shell-sheathed breakfast staple has joined smokes and booze as the hottest teenage contraband in Brooklyn, with police warning grocery store and bodega clerks not to sell eggs to teens this month to prevent miscreants from tossing them at windows, cars, pedestrians and each other on and around Halloween.

“It’s been going on for decades. They want to have fun, and they run around, and they throw eggs,” 72nd Precinct Community Affairs Officer Dean Hanan said.

“Sometimes they go a little overboard and it transitions from being a fun and harmless game to being a violent event.”

Jonathan Santos, 18, a senior at Sunset Park High School, said he’d throw eggs at windows “when I was, like, 10.”

As he described, “We’d freeze them so they would do more damage. We’d get them from the deli.”


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