Divorced moms and dads

Putting an end to a marriage is very intricate for most husbands and wives to do. Many former couples to be, find it a burden to process papers and attend hearings that cost a huge sums of money, the tormenting feeling, seeing the children having to choose between mom and dad, and it’s very challenging for both to do so maybe because it’s hard to believe the relationship they once had is no more.

Saving a marriage on the other hand is no less difficult than a divorce. Swallowing one’s pride is always a thorn in the throat. It’s always tough to realize that each has their own faults and the more you quibble about the issues and try to point out their short comings and mistakes the more it will be wrong in both your minds. Nothing will be accomplished and nothing will be fixed. If one is open to the thought of listening in your conversations and willing to be honest and accept what the other is trying to say, then it is more likely that he/she will likely be open to listening to your side.

Fixing one’s marriage and stopping a divorce means realizing that your squabble is not against each other and the real battle is against your separation. If it means that you have to go into counseling then so be it. Remember, that there is nothing to gain but freedom, and tons to lose especially the most important part of all, family.

Try to compromise and find the truth in every argument you have and if possible agree with it. The more you can agree with the things being said, the more they will be right, and the fiery arguments before becomes subtle conversations. This will help make them realize that you are willing to do what it takes to save the marriage.

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