Dear Heshy: I Saw a Frum Woman Wearing a Bikini and Covering Her Hair!

Greetings, thought would like this…my family and I are hanging by the pool…and there is this obvious young Lubavitcher long beard, baseball cap and his wife with a perfect Israeli Style Tichel/kerchief not one hair showing ….yet in a tiny bikini!!! What’s with that?? Bikini is ok? but she cannot show her hair??? I get that some people pick and choose and I am guilty of that but this takes the cake!For years I’ve been hearing about those “hypocritical” modern orthodox ladies in Miami over Pesach who wear thongs and snoods on the beach. I can honestly say that, despite rumors of the bikini clad ladies with sheitles, tichels and snoods, I’ve never had the honor to see one. I’m sure it’s true, I’ve seen plenty of supposedly hypocritical things in my days of frum community observations, but let us just look at the case of the pritzus ladies with their hair covered.

Quite some time ago I realized, and was subsequently informed, that covering of the hair and tznius are two separate things. While both are definitely steeped in social orthodoxy, one is actually based on sexual ideas and the other is based on spiritual ideas. Unmarried and married ladies both need to cover all of the same parts (we can probably debate this all day) while only married ladies need to cover their hair.


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