My First Trip to the Sheitle Salon

This is not about whether I agree with sheitles or not, when my wife walked in with her sheitle on I didn’t recognize her and was like “damn it’s a little hot for me” but this post isn’t about the fact that I don’t agree with the concept of shietles it’s about the fact that I was just in a shietle salon in Crown Heights called Scissor Sisters, ahem Palace and it kind of blew my mind.

My wife walked in first to make sure the ervah coast was clear, don’t want me forcing any women with their uncovered hair ducking for cover do we now? Nope, they needed to make sure everyone had their average hair covered up by sexy shietles in order for me to enter the sheitle salon. Dozens of sheitles lined the walls, hung up or perched upon fake heads. There was a manicure station and several chairs for sheitle styling, there was woman doing a sheitle with a blow dryer and curlers.

I sat on the leather couch and watched as women told the stylists how they wanted their sexy public hair done, I suddenly found myself walking down the street wondering about where all these sheitles came from and how much women paid. Apparently the sheitle my wife was getting styled was pretty pimp for the money, actually cheaper than my bike, most of them are not.


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