Off the Derech People are Miserable

I don’t know anyone who’s happy and off the derech. If they were so happy, why would they keep having to tell us religious Jews how silly we are, couldn’t they just be happy with their decision and leave us alone. Yet day in and day out they visit this site and others and feel the need to argue relentlessly for the virtues of secularism. They tend to have no values and morals and feel the need to drag us down to their level. You left, that’s great, leave us alone. That’s all I really want to say them when they have these dumb arguments about how terrible religion is.

It seems that they never focus on the good, like the fact that Chassidim and other ultra orthodox groups do lots of charity for everyone in their own communities. In fact Chassidim are responsible for so many charity groups that non-religious people would never do because they aren’t worried about charity because they have no morals. Tomche shabbos doesn’t exist in communities that don’t keep shabbos. Sheitle gemachs are not needed in places where married women choose to flaunt their uncovered hair that is supposed to be for their husbands alone. The off the derech community only offers charity in terms of free education and dating advice as long as you distance yourself from those terrible religious Jews. Have they forgotten about shidduch vision? I bet you they don’t offer free skype dating supervised by baal habbatishe guys standing next to the cases of silver licht.


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