Bread & Roses, Raisins & Almonds, Labor & Sustenance

This week teachers from around the nation are participating in JWA’S Institute for Educators. The focus is our new Living the Legacy curriculum, which uses primary sources to explore the roles of American Jews in the Civil Rights and Labor Movements. The 24 lessons that comprise LTL include art projects, text studies, and role-playing, all designed to provide entry points to Jewish identification for young Jews interested in social justice.

In a breakout session yesterday, a group of educators had the opportunity to experience the first lesson of the LTL labor module. When I entered the room, white pieces of paper lay scattered on the floor; in the center of each page was one word-Work, Pleasure, Culture, Money, Fresh Air, Rights, Solidarity, Joy, Want.  Marker in hand, each participant moved around the room, writing a single association on each page. Then each one selected the page that resonated with him/her most strongly and, in a few minutes, write a longer response.

The following are responses prompted by the words Leisure, Sustenance, and Pleasure.


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