Crocheted Rag Rug From Sheets

Crocheting rugs from recycled sheets, comforter covers and pillow cases is simple and the results are great! The rug is heavy weight and can be thrown into the washing machine for cleaning. Plus it’s just a great feeling to make a gorgeous rug from rags…..what more can I say? I actually made this rug over a year ago, and put it aside to save for a publishing project that hasn’t yet happened, so lucky you I decided to share it!

I used a size 9mm hook, though do a test to see what works for you…..the crocheting should be tight enough so that there aren’t holes, (unless you like how it looks) as you can see in the top photo in my post about crocheting with sheets here.

This rug was crocheted from both solid sheets (the center pink and blue) and patterned ones too, and I love the combination! The speckled orange ring just after the pink ring was made from striped sheets, so don’t be afraid to use patterns!


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