Chunky Crocheted Rag Bag From Sheets

Crocheting with sheets is just so much fun, that while I’m actually in the middle of crocheting a rag rug I just couldn’t resist going off on a little tangent and crocheting my first ever crocheted tote bag from sheets and pillowcases. I have to say, I’m thrilled with how it turned out, and for now it’s going to stay right on that hook so that I can enjoy looking at it next to our kitchen table!

For this bag I used thicker strips, 1/1/2 to 2″, and a much larger hook, a size US Q/15.75mm, than I’ve been using with my rug. The large hook was perfect for a small project like this, as you can’t really use your usual crocheting technique when you start to go huge, you have to reinvent yourself a bit, which does make it all the more interesting!

I should note also that this bag is really a bit too heavy to use for carrying around things for a prolonged time…..great for taking some things to the beach or a picnic not far from the car, but don’t envision yourself lugging it around at the farmer’s market, for that you’ll need to use a smaller hook and thinner sheet yarn for a lighter version.


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