Carrying the Torch

Perhaps what I love most about the Jewish tradition, about the dance of life and its cycles, is that wonderful interplay between tradition and innovation. From the time of the first temple to now, in the twenty-first century, the Jewish people have celebrated, reconciled, uplifted, and honored that tension.

I am here today, ready to do the same!

As Leah Berkenwald bids farewell to her three-year post as Online Communications Specialist and Blogger-in-Chief, I am ready to say hello . . . to greet the readers, debaters, catalyzers, and contributors who so vibrantly comprise JWA’s robust community. So, without further ado…

Hello! I’m Gabrielle Orcha, the newest member of the JWA team, ready to receive the gauntlet, carry the torch, and I do so with a mix of emotions . . .


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