Behind the Charedi PR machine

From the outside it looks like any other home in Boro Park, even the ground floor looks like a normal home. The cherry wood bookcases containing volumes of Talmudic discussion, the glass case filled with ritual silver, right down to the table filled with nosh and other heimishe food items, every detail is correct. Anyone coming to dinner, to collect for their local charity or to play with the children of the home would think it was like any other home off 14th avenue, but step into the basement and immediately upon passing the large servers you are greeted by a team of up to 10 computer programmers, hackers and everything needed to run a small tech startup.

Scattered about the floor are newspaper clippings, magazines and a scattering assortment of cd’s, books and computer parts. In the rear of the room Shmuely Bloom types furiously on a macbook air as he tries to get everything he needs to say into the small comment box on a blog notorious for its anti-Haredi content. Shmuely then  makes sure his IP address  cannot be traced and then slowly relaxes. “Do you know how hard it is to keep up these days?”


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