Can Judaism Survive the Internet?

Slate has another article in their unofficial series on orthodox Judaism and specifically on chasidic Judaism. In this article, the Internet is presented as a supreme danger to Hasidism.

On this issue, the secular media and the leadership of the chasidic groups agree. The Internet is a Pandora’s Box for a chasidic Jew. There is no way around it. The article does an effective job of explaining why the Internet poses such a hazard to chasidic Judaism. I don’t think an honest chasid would disagree with their assessment.

The question then becomes what to do about it.

There are basically three choices that the chasidic community faces. 1) Redouble efforts to protect the community from the Internet. 2) Carry on as is. 3) Adjust their doctrines so that they are less susceptible to the harms of the Internet.


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