bar mitzvah in israel a most unique and special celebration

Bar Mitzvah in Israel – A Most Unique and Special Celebration

Bar Mitzvahs are one of the most important events in your child’s life, which is why the planning should not be taken lightly. Many parents struggle with conveying the importance of the event to their child. They often are more interested in whom they will invite to the reception than the actual ceremony itself. This is why more and more parents are planning a Bar Mitzvah in Israel. They find this is the best way to attach significance to the event. In their minds, there is no better way for their child to understand what it means to be Jewish than to use the Bar Mitzvah celebration as a means to connect with Israel.

A Bar Mitzvah in Israel is special because usually only family members go, which makes the event even more memorable. The family can bond and learn together about the Jewish faith and community. Not only can you have your son’s Bar Mitzvah in Israel, you also can turn it into a family vacation. You can treat it like a tour of your homeland, which is the best way to learn about the religion. There even are group tours that are available that include other families there for their Bar Mitzvahs. This will help with the understanding of the event’s importance. Not only can your son share the event with his family, but also with other teens his own age.

Another reason why many families are starting to have a Bar Mitzvah in Israel is because of the planning. With a traditional Bar Mitzvah at home, the family has to worry about planning the reception afterward, which can get quite stressful. By having it in Israel, all you have to worry about is booking your tour! You won’t have a reception to worry about. Instead, you can take your time touring the sights and learning the history of Israel as well as connecting with the land.

As for the actual Bar Mitzvah in Israel location, there actually are groups that focus on planning the event for traveling families. They can give you the many different locations other families have their Bar Mitzvahs, which will make the decision process easier. You could choose from the many Synagogues in the country, or from other areas, such as the Western Wall. Having your son’s Bar Mitzvah in Israel will let him know how important this day is to him, as well as to yourself. As he grows older, he will fully understand how important having it in Israel meant and will grow to appreciate the decision even more over time.

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