bar mitzvah themes let your child help you choose the theme

Bar Mitzvah Themes – Let Your Child Help You Choose the Theme

One of the parts that most people remember about Bar Mitzvahs are the Bar Mitzvah themes. People spend a lot of time and energy in deciding upon a theme. However, many people are not sure what sort of theme is appropriate for such an occasion. Nowadays it is acceptable to have a modern and laid back theme, typically related to something your child is interested in. As a parent, you should decide with your child what the party’s theme will be.

If you would like your son to have more say in the theme, then it is a good idea to have him make a list of everything that is important in his life.  You can then use this list as an idea generator for potential Bar Mitzvah themes. If for instance, your son is really involved in music at school, an appropriate theme could be the musical instrument he plays. Your centerpieces could be painted music notes and your decorations could be music-related. When your child is deciding on the party’s theme, there really is nothing that can be off-limits. Going with a theme your son picked will represent your acceptance of his maturity on this special day.

Because the day is about your son, it only makes sense to have the theme reflect that of his interests. Bar Mitzvah themes no longer have to be conventional if you do not want them to be. They literally can be anything you or your son wants. Another way you can decide on the theme is to consider all the Bar Mitzvahs you have attended. Which ones stood out as memorable? You do not have to use the same theme, but you can use those parties as a guideline for your own theme planning.

Making a Bar Mitzvah with a specific theme requires a level of commitment to planning.  While you might also spend extra money to tie the various Bar Mitzvah theme accessories together, you will be ensuring the day is special and memorable.

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