Bar Mitzvah Favors – Follow Your Theme and Make It Useful

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Bar Mitzvah Favors

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When it comes to a child’s Bar Mitzvah, some families consider the reception as important as the ceremony itself. Every detail is thought out and planned, including the Bar Mitzvah favors. It is important to offer favors for your guests. This is to show your thanks and appreciation for their being present on your special day. In order to offer the best favors possible, it is a good idea to consider the theme of your reception. If you are having an extremely traditional reception, it is best to stick with traditional favors. The same goes with a more modern reception.

The trick to choosing good favors is to make the Bar Mitzvah favor relevant to the theme you chose as well as useful to the guest. For example, if your theme is Hockey, you might think a hockey puck would be a good favor. However, how many of your guest really play hockey? If many do, then that’s a perfect Bar Mitzvah favor!

However, more likely, something like a personalized water bottle with the logo of your child’s favorite hockey team would make a better favor. Why? Well simply it’s more useful to your average guest. Many of your child’s guest play sports and even many adults go to the gym. Therefore a high quality personalized water bottle would make a perfect Bar Mitzvah favor, in line with your hockey theme.

One way to choose a good Bar Mitzvah theme is to make a list of all the things you use in your daily life that aren’t too expensive. You may make a list that includes pens, pads of paper, small electronic devices, various clothing items etc. Once you have this list, think of ways that you can personalize these items because most Bar Mitzvah favors are personalized.

Although many people overlook Bar Mitzvah favors during the planning stage, it actually is an important part of the reception. If your guests are older, such as your family members, it makes sense to steer clear of the more immature personalized gifts that are appropriate for friends. You could consider giving favors such as personalized candles, blankets or frames. Whatever favor you end up using at your reception, the most important thing to remember is to make it be something your guests can use.

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