Newsletter Issue #6 – November 30, 2011

Rabbi Yona Metzger announced the discovery of a special goose species that tastes like pork. This presented a culinary and halachic revolution, as it offered a solution that allows religious and traditional Jews to discover the taste of pork.

Israeli producer Aviv Giladi is named the CEO of Icon UK, one of Hollywood’s largest production and international distribution firms. The company originally a part of Mel Gibson’s Icon production company which was sold to a British businessman will be retaining the Icon name.

Rabbi Eliyahu Schlesinger told one radio station that the Rabbinate will be giving out certificates of kashrut to clothing stores around Israel’s holiest city. The initiative is to ensure that the clothes being sold does not contain shatnez.

MK Uri Orbach (Habayit Hayehudi) proposed a new bill to address one of the core complaints in the controversy. Orbach’s bill, would make it illegal for a rabbi to accept money or any other form of remuneration when performing a wedding for someone who lives in the city where he works.

The United States and Canada have issued stamps ahead of the eight-day Chanukah festival, these popular stamps rank among best sellers, with 1.3 billion being sold from October to December last year. That amounts to one in every 10 stamps we sell for the year.

Thanksgiving is one favorite holiday which is spent with family and friends. one question being asked if Thanksgiving was a Jewish holiday or if it’s a holiday that everyone celebrates. Some say that it was a holiday that everyone celebrates, but there are some Jewish people who do not celebrate it. Some observant Jews believe that Thanksgiving shouldn’t be observed because it is a holiday invented by gentiles and has no basis in Jewish law.

Here’s a sweet little crocheted scalloped ornament  for Chanukah,but would also look great any time of year. For Chanukah, hanging ornaments from your dining room chandelier and hopefully making some mobiles and garlands with them too. You can always find a place to hang a little handmade touch to bring joy to your home for the holidays!

Finally, Mitch Albom is having a Jewish year by being inducted to the Jewish Sports Hall of Fame. His most recent book “Have a Little Faith,” in which Mitch Albom’s childhood rabbi asks him to deliver the eulogy at his funeral. The book has been turned into a made-for-TV movie. The movie stars Laurence Fishburne (as the late Pastor Henry Covington), Martin Landau (as Rabbi Albert Lewis) and Bradley Whitford (as Mitch Albom).

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