Newsletter Issue # 45 – August 29, 2012

Two Torah scrolls, one complete and one incomplete, were found in Poland’s Sokolow Podlaski district. The scrolls found are believed to have belonged to a synagogue in nearby Wegrow. Local policeman brought the scrolls to the municipal offices in Sokolow and gave them to Marcin Pasik, head of the Sokolow Commune.

A Facebook page is currently causing holy mayhem on the Internet, as it claims to be none other than God’s very own social media page. The page, sports the name Yahweh, invoked the wrath of religious Jewish Facebook users, who see the use of the name as offensive.

Dovid Moskovits the Jewish Star 2012 winner, released a new song, Sa’eni Nah (“Lift Me Up” in Hebrew). Written by Zvika Bornstein with music by Rolf Lovland, the music’s touching lyrics transcend language and culture, speaking words of solace and comfort that are universal. Moskovits’ song marks the first time that the song “You Raise Me Up” has been covered in Hebrew.

A poll conducted by the Guttman Center for Surveys of the Israel Democracy Institute showed an increase in the proportion of Israelis who define themselves as religious Jews, yet the world is heading in the other direction. In latest Gallup poll showed the results that were published on Monday showed that 59% percent of the world’s population labeled itself religious, which is a 9% drop from previous surveys.

Who is Brett Cohen? Cohen’s is just a regular person who become famous for pretending to be famous while not being famous. Brett Cohen was curious to see what would happen if he walked around Times Square looking like he was famous, complete with bodyguards, Paparazzi and a film crew. Guess what? It worked.

Looking forward to that sore tuchas from sitting so long in synagogue? Do you know anyone who relates to the idea of repentance with joy and happiness? There be trepidation for the Day of Judgment and awe for the Day of Atonement and also an uplifted positive spirit?  It’s all a matter of focus.

Slate has another article in their unofficial series on orthodox Judaism specifically on chasidic Judaism.On this issue, the Internet is presented as a supreme danger to Hasidism.The Internet is a Pandora’s Box for a chasidic Jew, there is no way around it. Although the article does an effective job of explaining why the Internet poses a hazard to chasidic Judaism. Don’t think an honest chasid would disagree with their assessment.

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