Newsletter Issue # 57 – November 21, 2012

Despite reports that raised questions about whether Jews can feel at home in Germany, Chabad will be opening additional centers in two North Rhine-Westphalian cities. There are some 3- 4000 Jews living in Dortmund, a major city near Dusseldorf, and about 1,000 in Essen. The Chabad goal is to work together with the community and the rabbi to enhance the experience of Dortmund’s and Essen’s Jews respectively.

Oholei Torah alumni gathered with fellow classmates and, for a short while, relived their memories, times and good old feelings of their Bochurshe yorhren. The date, which was the eve of the Kinus Hashluchim, was chosen to the fact so many Shluchim are Oholei Torah alumni, and its the perfect opportunity and the most convenient to gather together for a reunion.

The Rabbi of Beis Shmuel-Chabad in Crown Heights and internationally renowned lecturer Rabbi Yossi Jacobson, is stepping down from his post after several years of service. This past Shabbos was Rabbi Jacobson’s last behind the Shul’s pulpit.

A flooded warehouse, decomposed wall beams, sodden sheetrock, crumbling brick walls, a fried electrical system and about $2 million worth of rotten cheese waiting to be chucked. That’s only a glimpse of the woes facing Brigitte Mizrahi. Mizrahi  who owns Anderson International Foods, a small kosher cheese company it was under four feet of water soon after superstorm Sandy blew through town two weeks ago.

The American Cancer Society marked November 15 as the 37th Great American Smokeout by encouraging smokers to use the date to make a plan to quit, or to plan in advance and quit smoking that day. By quitting  even for one day  smokers will be taking an important step towards a healthier life.

While the Toronto Blue Jays have been having an active off-season with some big potential trades, the baseball talk in Toronto’s Jewish community has to do with the team’s next manager. 25-year-old Zev Icyk has bigger plans than just becoming another Chabad rabbi. He’s interested in getting an offer to be the manager of the Toronto Blue Jays next season.

For young feminists today the name Phyllis Schlafly may be totally unfamiliar, if anything, it triggers a distant memory of a footnote in an AP US History textbook.  Ever since the 1940s, Schlafly has preached that women should be barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen.

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