Newsletter Issue # 78 – May 23, 2013

Polish officials have honored Irena Sendler, a Polish woman credited for saving 2,500 Jewish children from the Holocaust, by naming a walkway in a symbolically important spot after her. The walkway is in the former Warsaw Ghetto between a monument to the Jews who fought in the 1943 Warsaw Ghetto uprising and the new Museum of the History of Polish Jews.

Should we all abstain from physical pleasures in order to become more Holy before the Almighty? Nasso, presents two somewhat peculiar laws back to back: The law of the Sotah – the wife suspected by her husband of committing adultery and the law of the Nazir – one who takes a vow of abstinence.

Last Monday night marks the national premier broadcast of the American Masters installment on Mel Brooks. To mark the occasion, we’ve put together a collection of Brooks’ best Jewish clips. What exactly that means is a good question. As with two others recent subjects on the PBS series  Woody Allen and Phillip Roth you could make the argument that Brooks’ entire oeuvre is an extension of his very Jewish background, sensibilities, hang-ups, etc., and hence any and all of his work can be considered Jewish.

The Chabad Community Center of Southern Oklahoma has opened its building as a shelter and is collecting supplies for families and the elderly displaced by the devastating tornado that sped through Oklahoma City. Co-director Rabbi Ovadia Goldman said that they feel the pain of others, we’re very thankful that we’re able to respond and use all our energy and all our resources to let the community know we’re here to help.

Why do we eat dairy on Shavuot? After immersing myself and my family in milk, cheese, eggs and noodles for the past two days, the question remained, why? The first thought was to look for some Biblical or Talmudic reason and for that, I turned to the Jewish Book of Why, which gave three reasons.

Tznius is truly a beautiful mitzvah, it’s one in which many women who aren’t even frum yet can shine in. It puts the bas yisroel on display for all to see how much yiras shamayim she has and it’s becoming increasing harder to do so. At every moment in our lives there is pritzus waiting to catch us in its snares, yet somehow, through the generations, we have upkept this timeless mitzvah.

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