Newsletter Issue # 50 – October 03, 2012

A unique Jewish burial was held for pages of Torah scrolls and the remains of other holy books that survived the Holocaust almost 70 years ago. The ancient scrolls were kept in the Holy Ark of a synagogue in east Romania, which was bombed and completely destroyed by the Nazis. Before the Nazis led them to their death, many Jews hid the Torah scrolls in their possession so that they wouldn’t be damaged.

The Toldot Aharon Hasidic dynasty has pledged not to send ushers to the ultra-Orthodox neighborhood’s streets to impose modesty rules during the holiday of Sukkot, and to end exclusion of women on Mea Shearim sidewalks and not to enforce gender segregation as it has done in previous years.

Eric Hobsbawm, considered as one of Britain’s most eminent historians, died at the age of 95. Daughter Julia Hobsbawm said  that her father died overnight at a London hospital and had been suffering from pneumonia. Hobsbawm was born in Alexandria, Egypt, to Jewish parents in 1917. He went to school in Berlin during the Weimar Republic, but left for Britain in 1933, during the rise of Adolf Hitler.

People’s homes reflected the environments they lived in. Prehistoric humans lived in caves, or tents made from animal skins. Ancient Egyptians lived in mud structures with flat roofs, designed to protect from them from the desert heat. Greek houses had tiled roofs and their windows were holes in the walls, with wooden shutters to protect their occupants from the sun. American Indians used materials such as ice, snow, wood, mud, and animal pelts, depending on the resources they had and the climate they lived in.

Bagelheads the latest Japanese beauty craze a fairly disgusting process chronicled by National Geographic Taboo, with people are paying to have a large lump of saline injected into their foreheads, which is then sculpted with a single push of a thumb to create a coveted bagel shape.

Hank Greenberg remains the most famous and accomplished professional Jewish baseball player with that last name. However, this week Adam Greenberg was the “Greenberg” everyone was talking about.We learned about Adam Greenberg in an article that Ralph Woronoff an usher at Adat Shalom Synagogue in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

Our Teaneck Orthodox neighbors Shul membership has its rewards. Paid up members get priority and perks in aliyot to the Torah and chances to lead services. According to the AP in Germany the church makes it clear. If you want the religious services of the church, you need to pay up. And once you start acting like a profit making enterprise, you simply lose all access to your soul.

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