Newsletter Issue #3 – November 09, 2011

Before sharing our third newsletter, we hoped everyone had a great weekend with friends and family just like we did! So here you go our third newsletter.

Former captured IDF soldier Gilad Shalit was criticized for going to the beach on Shabbat rather than going to a synagogue to give thanks and pray. Jewish homes in Judea and Samaria are also in danger when their council is pressured to decide as destruction looms. U.S. officials recover a painting believed to be stolen from a Italian Jew during the WWII, the painting is now in good hands. Meanwhile Andrew Madoff life story will be made into a TV movie by HBO and no other than Robert de Niro will be portraying him. Eight graders were elated when they were rewarded with a boating trip for finishing the Tishrei Challenge last month. Finally French President Nicolas Sarkozy is in a diplomatic knot after calling Netanyahu a liar.

A small Conservative synagogue in Livonia, Michigan marked the final Shabbat after their beloved cantor emeritus has passed away. One rabbi in brought people together by creating a new way in teaching the torah by doing manicures. Know the secrets of living longer just ask Jesse Green who and his siblings passed the 100th year mark. And lastly see the influence of technology when one still remembers the first day he placed his hands on an Apple computer.

Happy Reading Everyone!!

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