Newsletter Issue #2 – November 01, 2011

Hope you enjoyed reading our first newsletter and our new addition to our website. Please don’t forget tell a friend by “Liking” or Tweeting! So here’s our second one with links to more great stories. Happy reading everyone.

The Congregation Yetev Lev Satmar was all praises when their torahs were saved by the daring efforts of Brooklyn fire fighters. The brave men were honored in a ceremony organized to thank them. Wearing all black and hiding their peyes behind their ears the Maccabi Mea Shearim basketball team plays with all heart and faith. The most powerful woman in television took her time to visit a Brooklyn mikvah that will be featured in her new cable network. The seven billionth citizen will be born into a world of contradictions since the population have now reached 7 billion, prompting the United Nations to launch a global initiative that will bring together governments to confront challenges. Finally Kosher food goes mainstream in Berlin Supermarkets for Jewish communities that has been steadily growing since Germany reunited in 1990.

Lavie Tidhar is a great science fiction author and his recent offering makes you wonder does his new book really exist? And to keep kids busy try making coloring pages from connect the dots pages. Plus did you know that Jews really aren’t supposed to celebrate Halloween because it’s bad for the digestion.

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