Newsletter Issue # 17 February 15, 2012

A few days ago, a photo of a loaf of bread purchased at the Empire Kosher supermarket, with what appeared to be a second price label raising the cost of the loaf by 50 cents. The bakery department operator Yoily Glick tells us it was just a simple mistake: the sticker for a different and cheaper bread had mistakenly been placed on the loaf, and the correct one was placed on top of it. It was all just a simple case of mislabeling” said Yoily.

The Bnei Akiva Nechalim yeshiva has decided to take seriously the issue of health awareness among youth and decided to devote a whole month of activities to the issue. During this time the students learned about nutrition, fitness, harmful factors and addictions. Students started at the beginning of the month with a healthy meal for all the students. Afterwards, they held meets together with the Lev El Lev Association sessions on what should be eaten, what should not be eaten, what damages can be caused by smoking, etc.”

ZAKA, an Israeli medical and rescue organization best known for its work in the aftermath of suicide bombings, has launched a program that seeks to work with Muslim and Christian counterparts on emergency rescues. ZAKA signed a declaration of its interfaith program on January 4 in Zichron Yaakov for reasons that because man is created in God’s image, people of all religions are obliged to respect each and every person as he is, and to educate and transmit values and messages of peace.

An anonymous Hasidic teen was the inspiration behind Kate Middleton’s wardrobe, news media reported and revealing that the coat worn by the UK’s queen-to-be was modeled after a jacket sewn for a religious boy from Jerusalem. The designer Katherine Hooker, has become the darling of the fashion world practically overnight  and it all began with a fortuitous visit to Israel over a decade ago. Hooker told New York Magazine last month that her successful label was inspired by an item she picked up at a second hand store.

The Western Wall rabbi  filed a police complaint on Monday about an Internet auction site selling stones from the holy site. Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz also warned that anyone buying the stones from eBay would receive a curse, not a blessing. The stones are being offered for $4.99 each, or $9.95 if shipped outside the United States. The seller says the stones were not taken from the Western Wall but merely picked up on the Western Wall Plaza.

A rabbi recently and intelligently reviews several recent events, statements and controversies that he groups under the rubric of desexualizing within Orthodox Judaism. On  the fact and on its face, the answer is yes, desexualizing is an Orthodox Jewish activity. There’s no doubt that rabbis engage in many methods of desexualizing, of prescribing numerous taboos that forbid many forms of dress, taboos that forbid a lot of ordinary contact between men and women, and also what appear to be haphazard and unfocused prohibitions, extended for the sake of making restrictions on the social lives of Jews.

The Oprah Winfrey Network, will be airing the second part in its “Hasidic Jews of Brooklyn” special. On her first episode Oprah visited Crown Heights, where she toured a Chabad family’s home. The second part is were she sits down with a quartet of Hasidic women for an in-depth interview about sex, children, spirituality, and good wigs.

This is a question which you must have heard it a million times, Do Single Men Really Get Weirder As They Get Older? Older single men are just weird. Older single women, not so much. I don’t know. I mean, I definitely know weird older single guys, but I also know weird younger single guys. And weird older married guys.

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