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City Faces Balancing Act as Hasidic Community Grows

Needing to abide by their traditions of modesty, Hasidic women want the city to post a female lifeguard during a women-only swim session at a municipal pool in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and have lobbied a local councilman to take up their cause. On another front, Hasidic matzo bakeries, citing ancient Jewish law, have insisted on using […]

AllJewishLinks.com Newsletter Issue # 68 – February 21, 2013

Two women who exemplify the inner and outer beauty of the Jewish Queen Esther were honored during Chabad of Western Monmouth County’s 25th annual Jewish Women’s Day program. The annual event held in memory of Rebbitzen Chaya Mouska Schneerson OBM, was highlighted by Proclamations issued by Marlboro Township Mayor Jonathan Hornik and Manalapan Township Mayor […]

AllJewishLinks.com Newsletter Issue # 50 – October 03, 2012

A unique Jewish burial was held for pages of Torah scrolls and the remains of other holy books that survived the Holocaust almost 70 years ago. The ancient scrolls were kept in the Holy Ark of a synagogue in east Romania, which was bombed and completely destroyed by the Nazis. Before the Nazis led them […]

AllJewishLinks.com Newsletter Issue # 18 February 22, 2012

A camera crew stopped to film the exhibition of hasidic art organized by Rabbi Yitzchok Moully in Brooklyn during Sukkot last year, he was pleased. When they mentioned that they were working with Oprah Winfrey on her documentary about hasidic life, he was, he said, intrigued — but not particularly excited. “It was cool that […]

AllJewishLinks.com Newsletter Issue # 17 February 15, 2012

A few days ago, a photo of a loaf of bread purchased at the Empire Kosher supermarket, with what appeared to be a second price label raising the cost of the loaf by 50 cents. The bakery department operator Yoily Glick tells us it was just a simple mistake: the sticker for a different and […]

Oprah and the Hasidic Ladies

Tonight, OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network, is airing the second part in its “Hasidic Jews of Brooklyn” special. Oprah visits Crown Heights, and after last night’s episode where she toured a Chabad family’s home, tonight she sits down with a quartet of Hasidic women for an in-depth interview about sex, children, spirituality, and good wigs. […]

Small Worlds

First in the Saga of the Jews of Krimskby Allen Hoffman Small Worlds takes place in 1903 and introduces the wondrous rebbe of Krimsk, a small Hasidic settlement in Eastern Europe. The little town of Krimsk is about to observe Tisha B’Av, the calamitous day of mourning marking the destruction of the ancient holy Temple […]