100-Year-Old Man Among 2012′s Olim

“I’m only sorry I didn’t come to Israel earlier on, but better late than never,” says Moises Lederman, a retired businessman who made aliyah earlier this year at the age of 100.

“For me this is a dream come true,” he says.

Lederman, the oldest person to immigrate to the Jewish state over the course of 2012, was among nearly 18,000 who made aliyah this year, according to the Immigrant Absorption Ministry. A similar number was recorded in 2011.

Not unlike in years past, the bulk of the olim came from Russia – 3,451 people, or 20% of the total. Seventeen percent, or 2,952, came from the United States, while 14%, or 2,952, came from Ethiopia. Some 2,030 migrants came from Ukraine and 1,853 moved from France.

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