10 Ways to Know You’re in a Modern Orthodox Shul Without Going into Shul

Anyone with a kindergarten level of Jewish education can tell they’re in a modern orthodox shul, the mechitza, the seating style, the siddurim, the flags, there are literally dozens of ways to tell. However, being able to tell you’re in a modern orthodox shul without actually stepping foot into the sanctuary can make things a little harder. I thought of this post this past shabbos as after going to the bathroom and realizing that there were no washing cups to be found. I searched around a little bit and finally gave up, leaving the impurities on my hand and using soapy water instead.

Talesim: Modern Orthodox shuls tend to have a vast collection of mismatched talesim, you can pretty much find anything you want and that includes the ever present scarf. Go to a black hat shul and you’d be hard pressed to find anything but a bunch of really large talesim.

Soap: I’ve noticed that many frum shuls lack soap, not so with the modern orthodox, they value cleanliness. Unfortunately they tend to lack washing cups, which means they don’t value ritual cleanliness.

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