Was Jesus Kosher?

Was Jesus Kosher? That question automatically demands an absolute answer. It’s a total no-brainer. No, Jesus was not and is not Kosher. There are thousands, perhaps millions of reasons that Jesus cannot be considered kosher — meaning in a narrow sense, “(of a person) Observing Jewish food laws” or “Satisfying the requirements of Jewish law” and in a wider sense, “proper” or “acceptable” to Jews.

And yet, there’s a new book by our neighbor Shmuley Boteach called “Kosher Jesus.” We did an Amazon-read of the book, meaning we read whatever Amazon let us in its preview window, without actually buying the book. It’s a good thing we did not buy it. The book has been banned by some of our Orthodox rabbinical colleagues.

Of course getting a book banned is the dream of every author and publisher. In theory it sends sales skyrocketing. “Banned in Boston” makes people interested.

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