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Open Your HeartsMusic Made from the Soul
by Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach

Fourteen songs popularized in the Sixties and reformatted for our time. It features Reb Shlomo’s favorite, ‘The Berdichiver Niggun’, plus ‘Lekha Ezbach’, ‘Lulay Toratkha’, ‘Hashevenu’ and several lesser known tunes such as ‘Mlokh’ and ‘Elekha’. Not to forget ‘Kah Ribon’, recorded here only a few years after it was composed. At that time, Shlomo said it was the deepest melody he ever discovered.

CD includes a mini-songbook with the words in Hebrew and English.

Label: Noam, 1999Track Listing
To listen to a sample, click on the title of a song that is followed by Listen to this track from .

1. Lecha Ezbach Listen to this track from
2. Vehashev
3. Berditchever Niggun Orech Yamim
4. Lulay Torat’cha Listen to this track from
5. Bo’i V’Shalom
6. Shalom Aleichem
7. Ya Ribon Olam Listen to this track from
8. Tov’L'Hodot
9. Elecha
10. M’loch Listen to this track from
11. V’ye’atayu

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